Solutions offered by BIRainy

We present brief information about the business solutions in various sectors powered by BIRainy since 2017


Financial Analysis

Financial analysis is a quantitative assessment of past, current and potential business performance. Analysis of profit and loss, balance sheets, and other financial statements to track the company's business activities and determine its stability.

Human resource analysis

General analysis of employees to ensure that human resources specialists see all information about employees from a single database.


Optimization is another important type of analytics, which uses mathematical programming methods to minimize costs or maximize profits. Optimization to ensure that businesses find the most appropriate solution among alternatives and speed up the decision-making process.

Retail Analysis

Analysis of the relationship between supply and demand, relevant sales strategy and targets to increase sales and profits.

Procurement Analysis

Analysis of procurement to manage business purchases with optimal efficiency and make strategic decisions from this information on a monthly basis.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the performance of processes and individuals.

Data Warehouse

Providing database optimization proposals and template development for data circulation in accordance with inter-company standards.

Integration with 1C program

Visualization and analytical analysis of data collected from 1C in various fields using Microsoft Power BI.


Analysis of accidents and casualties in the company to prevent accidents and ensure safety within the company.