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Analytics pilot project developed for "METAK"

01 September 2023

Power BI

Through the examination of various domains, the dashboards created by BIRainy offer organizations an enhanced comprehension of how revenue is generated, customer interactions, and the quality of products.

Brief summary of the report:
Comprehensive examination:

  • Aggregate sales, revenue, profit, order quantity, and idle hours for the specified timeframe.
  • Delivery details, including order quantity, categorized by date.
  • Analysis of idle periods with reasons provided.
  • Production volume for the top 5 devices.
  • Sales volume, revenue breakdown, and product-specific details.

Sales Analysis:

  • Overall revenue, profit, order quantity, and delivered goods.
  • Breakdown of sales by product category, delivered goods, profit, and cost.
  • Comparative analysis of sales performance across different time periods.
  • Identification of top-selling products and their contribution to revenue.
  • Geographic distribution of sales.

Analysis of Returned Products:

  • Total value and quantity of returned goods.
  • Average payback period for returned items.
  • Percentage distribution of returned goods based on reasons.
  • Number of returned items categorized by type.
  • Refunds categorized by geographic regions.
  • Examination of return trends based on dates.