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Group Motors

Analytics pilot project developed for Group Motors

01 September 2023

Power BI

Built-in reporting offers data-driven insights that help refine strategy, optimize resources, manage risks, and strengthen customer relationships. The report, developed by BIRainy, serves as the backbone of evidence-based decision-making and sustainable development.

The following report provides an in-depth analysis of key business areas including Sales, Marketing, Costs, Credit and Customer Analysis:


  • Total revenue/sales for the period
  • Sales breakdown by product.
  • Selling by categories
  • Trend line of sales by date


  • Total number of customers
  • Marketing budget
  • Reach and engagement metrics in different platforms
  • Distribution of customers by marketing
  • Budget allocation to marketing channels
  • Number of customers by months/weeks


  • Breakdown of operating expenses 
  • Trend analysis of cost changes
  • Distribution of costs by brands
  • Number of issues and total cost as of date


  • Breakdown of Credit and Cash sales
  • Distribution of customers who prefer purchasing on credit 
  • Distribution of credit and cash sales by marketing type
  • Number of credit and cash sales by category
  • Trend line of credit and cash sales by date

Customer Analysis:

  • Segmentation of customers based on purchase behavior