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2024 Game Summit in Baku: All Details

06 June 2024

Game Summit is a bi-annual festival that showcases the latest in video games, VR (virtual reality), AI (artificial intelligence) technologies, cosplay, K-Pop, board games, and musical performances. The summit brings together industry leaders, designers, and programmers to share experiences, build new business connections, and explore collaboration opportunities. It also offers gaming enthusiasts a chance to discover new games and technologies. Participants at Game Summit can enjoy numerous interactive zones, tournaments, and masterclasses. There are also special entertainment zones for children featuring popular games like Roblox and Minecraft. The festival creates a unique innovative atmosphere that attracts people of all ages and interests. Game Summit is also open to game developers from the remotest regions of Azerbaijan. The summit offers special programs and opportunities to support talents from these areas, providing a significant platform for both beginners and professionals to showcase their work and connect with others in the industry. In essence, Game Summit annually gathers the best of the gaming industry, offering them a platform to present their ideas and products. It serves as a valuable venue for game developers from all over Azerbaijan.

Main Activities at Game Summit

This year's Game Summit event took place at one of the most prestigious and magnificent venues in Baku, Crystal Hall. The aim of such events is to promote innovations and trends in the gaming and technology industries. These events bring together professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world every year, contributing to the development of the industry.Notably, the festival attracted over 50,000 participants, marking it as one of the region’s most significant gaming and technology events. One of the standout features of the summit was the "Baku Future City" created by world-class visual artist Javid Guliyev. This stunning visual show, presented through 300 m² digital screens, provided participants with an unforgettable futuristic experience, making them feel as if they had traveled 100 years into the future. As previously mentioned, the festival offered opportunities to play the latest video games, participate in E-sports tournaments, watch cosplay and K-Pop performances, dive into the world of VR (virtual reality), and even interact with robots equipped with advanced AI (artificial intelligence) technology. This year’s Game Summit provided participants with an unforgettable experience and raised expectations for future events.

Previous Game Summit Events in Baku

A year ago, two vibrant and entertaining Game Summit festivals were held in Baku, creating a perfect atmosphere attended by thousands of people. Game Summit is an ideal gathering place for fans of video games, pop culture, and other related interests. Participants came together both online and offline to celebrate their passions through cosplay, games, and other exciting activities. These events have been a major attraction for gaming and pop culture enthusiasts in the region. Both festivals were marked by high participation and satisfaction, further raising expectations for future Game Summits. Participants eagerly await these events each year to meet new people, connect with like-minded individuals, and learn about the latest gaming and cultural trends.

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BIRAINY and Gamification

This year's Game Summit was particularly unique for BIRAINY. Besides our stand-alone games, we participated with our mobile application games – Mafia: Guess who? and Spy: Find the Spy – which ranked among the Top 10 games in the Azerbaijani market. This success was achieved through the efforts of our team and by offering premium accounts to participants via promo codes. Throughout the summit, we enjoyed playing the Spy and Mafia games with participants, and the quality and interactivity of our games attracted significant interest to our stand. As BIRAINY, we offer gamification services to other companies. By utilizing this service, you can increase your sales and attract your customers' interest. Gamification makes the user experience more engaging and attractive, ensuring customers interact more actively with your products. This approach helps boost customer loyalty and strengthens brand recognition.

The Role and Benefits of Gamification in Business

Gamification is gaining increasing popularity in the modern business world. It is used to enhance customer interest in products and services, increase employee motivation, and overall improve organizational productivity. Below are the main roles and benefits of gamification in business:

Increasing Customer Interest and Loyalty Gamification is designed to engage customers with products and services more interactively and entertainingly. When customers are rewarded through game mechanics, such as points, badges, leaderboards, and the chance to win prizes, their loyalty and frequent use of the product or service increase.

Boosting Sales Gamification is also an effective way to increase sales. By offering special rewards and discounts, customers can be more enticed to make purchases. This approach strengthens purchasing decisions and increases the desire to shop more frequently.

Strengthening Brand Recognition Gamification is beneficial for increasing brand recognition. The use of game elements helps your brand be recognized and remembered by a wider audience. When customers find the gamified experiences provided by your brand interesting, it leads to wider dissemination on social media and other platforms.

Encouraging Innovation and Creativity Gamification also promotes innovation and creativity. Companies can continually update and improve the customer experience by testing various game elements and integrating them into different products and services. This allows the organization to better adapt to market demands and more effectively meet customer needs. Gamification offers numerous benefits at various levels for businesses, and by applying this approach, companies can achieve their goals more quickly and effectively.

Conclusion Contact us to develop games tailored to your needs! As BIRAINY, we offer creative and innovative game solutions to increase your customers' interest and add unique value to your brand. Our collaboration will make your brand more interesting and attractive, while also increasing customer loyalty and productivity. Contact us and witness the results for yourself!