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Virtual Reality Simulators: Technologies Reflecting Experiences in the Real World

02 May 2024

Virtual Reality Simulators: Technologies Reflecting Experiences in the Real World (Innovative Simulator Experience for BIRAINY and IAC Event and Military Spoils Park)

VR simulators are devices and software assemblies built to closely simulate real-world experiences using virtual reality technologies. This technology allows users to experience and learn about different environments and situations without physically going to another location.

VR simulators are equipped with devices known as headsets. Popular models include Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Sony PlayStation VR, and Microsoft HoloLens. These headsets are equipped with high-precision displays and motion sensors, providing the user with a 360-degree view and the ability to move. The use of such simulators plays a significant role in various professional fields.

Applications of VR Simulator Technology
VR Simulator technology is used in nearly every sector, from education to healthcare, and from entertainment to industry.

  1. Education and Training: It is used to train students and professionals in fields where there is risk or a lack of practical experience.

  2. Medicine: Widely used for surgeons to practice before operations, as well as in psychotherapy and rehabilitation.

  3. Engineering and Design: Engineers can use VR to create and test prototypes of new products.

  4. Entertainment and Games: VR opens up new possibilities for video games and other entertaining experiences.

  5. Industry: The integration of VR simulators into various industrial fields is not just keeping up with technology trends. It represents a significant shift towards more efficient, safe, and immersive experiences.

The company BIRAINY has also prepared numerous projects using VR Simulator technology in the gaming and industrial sectors. These include a moonwalking simulator for the International Astronautics Exhibition, a 360-camera shooting for the Military Spoils Park, and our work explaining the role of VR Simulator in the industrial sector. Let's get a closer look at these projects.

Participation in the International Astronautical Exhibition with BIRAINY's Successful VR Simulator Project
As you know, the International Astronautical Exhibition is the most prestigious international organization operating in the space sector. After 50 years, the capital Baku regained the right to host this congress in 2023. This congress, which aims to bring together scientists, experts, and space enthusiasts from around the world, gave us the opportunity to join with our moonwalking simulator project. This was a very important step for us.

We started working hard for this event with our incredible team of young people. Our motivation was based on the desire to explore, to introduce our work in the VR Simulator technology, and to achieve success together. At this event, as BIRAINY, we prepared a VR simulator that transports people directly to the mysterious surface of the Moon.

Thanks to our prolonged efforts related to the moon surface simulation, equipment, and our stand monitor, we were completely ready for the event. From the first day of the event, we took our place at the congress and provided interesting experiences for the participants of the exhibition.

What sets us apart from other companies is that we are the only Azerbaijani company that showcased a product. Let's first give detailed information about this product that belongs to us.

The BIRAINY team prepared this device in a very short time. This device, which was made simply, was not only convenient but also cost-effective.

Now, let's explain the rules for using the device. First, the participants check their weight with a scale to see if they are suitable for the equipment. Then they sit on the metal device and put on the VR glasses. The equipment starts to move up and down, thus they travel to the moon with the VR Simulator.

BIRAINY's VR Simulator Provides a Detailed Explanation of a Journey to the Moon

BIRAINY's VR simulator offers users an unusual experience of traveling from the Azercosmos office to the Moon. The simulator is designed to give the feeling of a real rocket ride. With this VR Simulator we have prepared, people have the chance to experience sensations similar to walking on the Moon. They also enjoy the magnificence of VR simulator technology and the design experience while moving on the lunar surface.

First, we find ourselves in the Azercosmos office. After boarding the rocket, we finally start flying to the Moon, becoming one of the lucky few to step on it.

With BIRAINY's VR Simulator technology, as you walk on the Moon, you deeply feel the spirit of patriotism, and also have the chance to see the Khari Bulbul flowers, a symbol of Karabakh on the lunar surface. Is that all? Of course not. You watch our tricolor flag wave on the Moon with great pride.

BIRAINY VR simulator technology provides people, albeit briefly, with truly special and unforgettable experiences. Thanks to this technology, people were able to step into a different world, moving away from reality and discovering new perspectives.

Project of 360 View VR Simulator at Birainy Company's Military Spoils Park

One of Birainy Company's projects was to prepare a demo version of the filming of the Military Spoils Park for Microsoft using a 360 camera. This project allows visitors to obtain information about the park and the spoils there, and to explore the areas using the latest possibilities of VR technology.

Project Objective: The main goal of this project is to make it possible to virtually experience the real environment of the park through 360-degree camera filming. Visitors can explore different parts of the park without leaving their homes.

Technology and Methodology: The project was implemented through the Unity program. Hundreds of programs with 360-degree cameras have been placed. The park's VR simulator presents a virtual version of the real environment to visitors. Using VR goggles, users can feel as though they are walking around the park.

Usage Rules and Benefits: The use of the VR simulator is very simple. After installing the appropriate program, users can put on VR goggles, select the desired location, and explore. This technology is designed both for entertainment and educational purposes. Users can learn about the history and military significance of the park, making the learning process more effective and interesting.

Business Perspective: Birainy's project is also significant for promotion. It is possible to reach a wider audience through virtual tours and attract potential customers.

As you can see, Birainy's VR simulator technology elevates the presentation of workplaces, products, and locations to a new level. This technology can become a powerful tool for any entrepreneur. Whether it's demonstrating the quality of a product or presenting the environment of a new workplace, more reliable and effective presentations are possible with VR technology. With this approach, you can offer your customers an unforgettable experience and attract their attention more effectively.

Additionally, by presenting the wide capabilities of the Birainy VR simulation technology, it supports the development of your brand and product in various fields.
With our services, you too can offer your customers valuable and memorable experiences. With Birainy, transcend the limits of reality and open new perspectives.