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How we joined the Game Summit and with which games?

06 March 2024

How we joined the Game Summit and with which games?

If asked what the main tool is that brings people of all ages together from children to adults, creating a fun environment, the answer is simple - of course, games.

The modern gaming world continues to attract everyone with its dynamism, rapid development, and constant innovations. Most importantly, games bring people together and promote social collaboration.

Various events and exhibitions related to the gaming sector are held around the world. These events serve to convey the latest developments, technologies, and creative ideas in the gaming field to the widest audience and to combine experiences.

Shaping the future of the gaming world in Azerbaijan with the Game Summit event

It is prideful to have such events in our country as well. Do you know what the biggest gaming event held in Azerbaijan is?
We can present to you the Game Summit, a large and magnificent event.

If you have no information about this event, don't worry. We can briefly tell you that the Game Summit is a large-scale event that brings together the giants of the gaming world, creators, and enthusiasts in Azerbaijan.

We, as BIRAINY, also participated in the Game Summit event, which took place at the Baku Sports Palace on June 11, 2023, to support the development of the gaming field.
In this article, we will share with you how we prepared for the Game Summit event and the experiences we had with our team during this process.

Our preparation for the Game Summit was based on strategic planning, collaboration, and innovation. There was a lot of effort from our team behind the efforts to make our games and our stand unforgettable to the participants.

The strategic planning behind our preparation for the Game Summit event

The basis of our article lies in sharing with you how we prepared for the Game Summit event and the experiences we had with our team during this process.

  • Phase 1: Planning

The first phase began with determining what kind of impression we wanted to create on the summit participants. We combined our ideas and determined the main theme and content of the event. At this stage, we planned an innovative and impactful concept that would attract the attention of the participants.

  • Phase 2: Selecting Our Games

One of the most important phases of preparation was selecting the games we would display at our stand. We offered innovative and diverse games, presenting different experiences to the participants.

  • Phase 3: Game Development and Updates

We worked closely with our Game Developers, Game Artists, and designers for the event. We carefully reviewed the graphics, gameplay, and technical details to ensure our games were modern and of high quality.

  • Phase 4: Stand Preparation

We paid attention to both the visual appeal and functionality of our stand. Our stand was carefully decorated to present an impressive atmosphere for our games, and it was strategically located to attract visitors' attention and immerse them into our gaming world.

  • Phase 5: Team Unity and Effort

The collaboration among our team throughout the event made the Game Summit more meaningful and successful. Each of us worked hard towards our common goal.

The games we chose for the Game Summit

Angry Birds: We began preparing the Angry Birds game, one of the top 5 games in gaming history, for the Game Summit. The main objective of the game is to aim the birds at the right target to knock down the blocks. We adjusted the game to fit the monitor format, ensuring all elements and visual effects were properly displayed. 3D effects and animations made the game even more interesting. Thanks to the stand monitor, participants could play the game more freely and comfortably without additional devices. This game we prepared was loved by everyone.

Hockey: In the hockey game we organized for the Game Summit, players had fun moments. The fast-moving pucks, competitive passes, goals scored at critical moments, and the competitive environment allowed the participants to have an unforgettable experience. The hockey game we developed distinguished itself with high-quality graphics and detailed design. The sound effects and music used increased interest in the game even more.

Our successes and collaborations with the Game Summit

As you can see, we went through a long preparation process to make a difference. The effort shown by our team in creating games made the Game Summit unforgettable for us. This event not only strengthened our presence in the gaming industry but also opened up new business opportunities and allowed us to establish valuable connections with leading figures in the industry. It opened doors to new projects, successes, and interesting collaborations.

This event was a turning point for our business. Finally, we would like to thank everyone who joined us on this journey.