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What is an OCR based Fast Search Engine for?

12 December 2023

As you know, speed and efficiency are top priorities in every aspect of the business world. Document control is also very important in any business, but its automation is even more important. In fact, the implementation of OCR helps companies to streamline the processes performed on documents and save time.

What is OCR?

Today, it is possible to quickly and accurately convert paper documents, books and complex texts into digital format, turning them into searchable and editable information. Yes, you can do this with OCR.
OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR scans a certain text, reads it, and then converts it into an electronic text format.

The main purpose of OCR is to minimize the use of paper, reduce unnecessary costs and quickly solve repetitive tasks. By minimizing the use of paper, you also contribute to the environment.

Fast Search Engine is based on OCR technology. OCR helps to digitize and recognize text in images. SAS indexes this information and enters it into a fast search process.

In this blog, we will provide detailed information on the significance of an OCR-based Fast Search System, its working principles and the main benefits.

Fast Search Engines are technologies developed to search and locate information quickly and efficiently. This system allows you to easily search for information in various information resources and departments, which is vital in terms of speeding up work processes for organizations and individuals.

So what are the main advantages of OCR based Fast Search system for us?

- Effective time management: OCR technology recognizes and automatically converts text very quickly. So, the process is fast and efficient. The time saved through OCR allows you to focus on your more important tasks.
- Accuracy: it is an important criterion and advantage for OCR. It uses technology and algorithms to ensure high accuracy in text translation, thus minimizing errors.

- Search: Texts recognized via OCR technology are searchable as they are stored in digital format. This simplifies the searching process and makes it easier to find information quickly.

- Document Protection: OCR helps protect historical or important documents by converting them into digital formats. Thus, it reduces the risk of losing the documents and data.

- Automatic filtering and categorization: Fast Search Engines provide a more organized and intuitive experience by automatically filtering and categorizing search results.

If we look at these and many other advantages of OCR-based Fast Search Engine, we will see how important it is.

The use of the OCR-based Fast Search System is also very wide and diverse. Nowadays, OCR technology is applied in many fields. For example, automatic recognition of documents in the field of banking, collection of medical data in the field of healthcare and so on.

Notably, integrating an OCR-based Fast Search Engine with an ERP system can significantly improve data processing, simplify workflows, and increase overall efficiency.